Stay Fit With These Effective Workout Ideas For A Full-Body Workout

With all the gym and swimming pools closed, it’s hard to keep up with your previous workout regime. For those who just made their way into their fitness journey, these quarantine times can be a bummer. Seeing the rate at which the coronavirus is spreading, the government had to take rigorous measures to close down multiple businesses where there was a risk of people coming in close contact and spreading the novel coronavirus including gyms.

Gyms can be the dwelling centres of the virus as it is stocked with a number of people who workout together and might transmit the virus from one to another. Even the instruments are not risk free, the coronavirus can remain viable on surfaces for long hours. So, you know why it’s important that gyms remain closed during these times of pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t workout and carry on with our fitness goals.

As per the latest government orders, the lockdown will continue till 15th April. It’s better to get started with a simple yet effective workout to be done at home. Let’s dive right into it.

1) Meditation
These quarantine times might have changed your daily routine upside down. In these times, it’s important to give yourself some peaceful moments to de-stress. The best time to meditate is early morning just after waking up. You mind will wander at first but you have to make your way through it. Focus on your breathing and enjoy. Even ten minutes of meditation everyday can work wonders for you and keep you energetic and in your right mind throughout the day.

2) Burpees
Also known as “triple-threat attack”, burpees are excellent exercise to tone your upper body, legs and core. You can incorporate it in your workout. You can do a 10 min indoor walk followed by 5 minutes of burpees.

3) Sumo Squats
Stand with your feet wider than than hip-width apart then turn your feet out. Externally rotating your hips. Keep your hands clasped to your chest. Now, push your hip back and squat. It’s a great exercise for the lower body.

4) Skipping
Rope skipping is handsdown the best cardio you can do at home. It’s a full body workout and burns 10-15 calories a minute. It also improves circulation and enhances lung capacity.

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