Food Items That You Should Never Put In The Freezer

Your freezer is definitely a great tool that assists you in planning and preparing for busier days. One thing you must know is that not all food items can be stored in the freezer. And also, storing your food in the freezer doesn’t guarantee that the edible will last longer than ever.

These are some edible stuff that should never be kept in the freezer.
Avoid it at all costs as it might even cause health risks.

1) Milk

Most people store milk in freezer but it’s a wrong practice. When thawed, the milk stored in freezer tends to separate into chunks and watery parts. Although it doesn’t affect the safety levels of the milk, it does ruin the consistency of the milk.

2) Coffee

Do you still keep your coffee jar inside the refrigerator? You need to stop doing it as coffee absorbs smell from surrounding edibles. You definitely don’t want your morning goodness coffee to smell like leftover food.

3) Honey

The quality of honey is not affected if you store your honey at normal room temperature. What’s the need to store it in refrigerator then? At low temperature, honey tends to crystallize.

4) Fried food

So, you are left with the finger chips that ordered for snacks. Well, what’s next? Aren’t you thinking about storing it in refrigerator? It’s a big no! It is going to lose all of its crunch. So next time you opt to make a fresh batch of home-cooked chicken nuggets, skip the frying process. Rather bake it in the oven.

5) Soft cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? But storing soft cheese in the freezer isn’t the right thing. It cretaes the same effect as storing milk. You will store soft cheese in the freezer and when it’s time to use it in some dish you will be left with watery lumps. It ruins the taste and texture of food like sour cream, ricotta and cream cheese.

6) Raw fruits and vegetables

Any food or vegetable that contains high concentration of water is likely to get negatively affected by the temperature of the freezer. It is because the water inside these fruits and veggies quickly forms ice crystals.

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