Top 5 Mouth-Watering Desserts From Around The World, That will Make you drool

Desserts are the most crucial part of any meal, don’t you agree? You must have eaten a lot of desserts during your travel to other countries and if not we will tell you what are the best desserts available, so you can either plan a trip for the dessert or bake and make it yourself.

Desserts hold a very important part in every family meal or celebrations. You might not feel like having the main course but a counter full of desserts will pull you towards it. That is the magic of Sweetness made with love, called Desserts. Here are the top 5 Desserts from around the world.

1.Baklava (Middle East): Baklava, a sweet from the middle east cannot miss the spot in my top 5 list. Often served at the end of meal at every restaurant in the middle east with the bill. It is a sweet pudding, made of layers of filo pastry, filled with nuts and a sweet syrup of orange blossom water with a rosy fragrance.

2. Belgian Waffles (Belgium): The classic Belgian Waffle is a dessert made with a batter put in between a waffle iron to give you this deliciously crispy, sqaure waffle which is usually paired with sugar syrup and fruits. Have it piping hot because nothing will make you happier.

3. Gulab Jamun (India): These little balls of goodness and sweetness is like no other sweet. Usually made in every house in India, Gulab Jamun is made with mixing flour, butter, yoghurt and milk powder made into little balls and then deep fried. It doesn’t stop here, it is then dipped in a sugary syrup and it is one of the best desserts in the world.

4. Churros (Spain): Churros are made of pastry which is piped with a star-shaped nozzle and deep-fried till it turns golden brown and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It is usually paired with chocolate sauce. A churro dipped in the chocolate sauce will take all your worries away.

5. Brownies (United States): This American Dessert is either cakey or fudgy depending on what type of brownie you prefer. This absolute chocolate goodness is baked, and you can enjoy it with some chocolate sauce.

Try These Food Items To Boost Your Immunity Power

Whether its cold, summer or rainy weather, some people are surrounded by diseases all the time. This is due to weakness of immunity power i.e. disease resistance. Diseases tend to be more intimidating to those people whose infections or disease-causing bacteria have less power to fight.

If you also get sick often or medicines do not affect you quickly, then this story is for you, because in it we are going to tell you about 10 types of food that can help you to boost your body’s immunity. You can easily find these things in the market.

Foods That Boost the Immune System

Vitamin C Riched Fruits:

To increase immunity power, consuming vitamin C is very beneficial. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapes, strawberries, and Amla are the best sources of vitamin-C.

Red Capsicum:

Like citrus fruits, capsicum is also a good source of vitamin C. There is also beta-carotene along with vitamin C. Regular use of it increases the body’s immunity, while the eyes and skin also become healthy.


In Broccoli, many antioxidants and fibers are also present along with Vitamin A, C, E. It is beneficial for the body in many ways. It would be a good option to add it in your daily food.


In spinach, too many antioxidants and beta-carotene are present along with Vitamin C. To stay healthy, spinach should be consumed. The lesser it is cooked, the better it is.


The regular consumption of yogurt can also help in increasing immunity power. Instead of mixing flavors or sugars, plain yogurt benefits more.


Papaya is another such fruit, which is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B. It also works to increase digestive power, as well as increase the immunity power.


Garlic is very important for a healthy body. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, garlic helps to reduce blood pressure. It also increases the strength of fighting diseases.

Monsoon Tips: How to treat your hair after getting wet in rain

Monsoon Tips: How to treat your hair after getting wet in rain.

Who does not like monsoon season? Everyone likes the monsoon season. However, in order to enjoy the rain this season, we have to take care of many things. If you get wet in the rain, then it becomes more important to take care of yourself.

In the rain of monsoon, the maximum effect of wetting occurs on the hair. It is very difficult to keep the hair healthy in monsoon. If your hair is wet in the rain, then with the help of these tips you can save hair loss.

Hair cleansing:

Hair cleansing is very important. In order to keep your hair healthy, you must regularly clean your hair. If your hair is clean then there will be no frizziness.

If there are very heavy rains outside and you do not have umbrellas and you are in a hurry then do not forget to clean the hair when you come home after getting wet in the rain. Come home and immediately wash hair with shampoo. This will remove all the pollutants and toxins accumulated in the hair from the rainwater.

You can also take bath by putting neem leaves in bath water. Before washing the hair, put some neem leaves in bath water. Neem contains anti-bacterial compounds. The risk of fungal infection increases due to the humidity in monsoon season. Washing the hair with neem leaves cleans the dust on the scalp completely and protects the scalp from all types of infection. Dandruff will also disappear from the scalp from neem leaves. If you do not shampoo hair after bathing in the rain, then it will make your hair weak and it will start falling.

Dry your hairs:

Bacteria grow very quickly in the hair, especially during the monsoon when there is cold weather. Because of this, there may be an infection on Scalp. Always dry hair completely. First, use towels to dry hair. If you have time, then let hair dry itself or else use a blow dryer. Use the protective spray to prevent hair loss from damage. Set the hair dryer at the lowest temperature.

Have a haircut:

Regular trim is also important in the monsoon season. With this, split ends will get over. The regular haircut makes the hair look beautiful and classy. So next time when the monsoon comes, do not be afraid to get wet in the rain.

With the help of these tips, you can make your hair healthy and strong even during monsoon season.

Foods that can protect you from sun tan and skin diseases

Whenever we step out in sun, we always try to protect our skin from harmful sun rays which causes skin diseases. Therefore, we apply sunscreen lotions, creams, wears hats and sunglasses. But do you know that with the right diet you can protect yourself from sun rays?

Eating and nutrition help the skin fight against the harmful rays of the sun, so you should eat such foods that protect the skin from the sun and benefit our body. Our body gets Vitamin D in the sun which is very important for metabolic function, nails, and bone. However, some people are negligent, which leads to a risk of skin cancer, aging and many types of skin disorders.

Beta-carotene food:

Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits come in this category. There are plenty of beta-carotene, antioxidants, and vitamins that save eyes and skin from the sun. Protection from sun rays can be found from mango, melon and sweet potato etc. such food contains beta-carotene. In your favorite proteins and veggies, you can eat some slices of melons and mangoes.


Lycopene and flavonols are abundant in tomato, and for this reason, tomato provides protection from the sun. Brinjal, black beans, and tomatoes are made of flavonols which help in protecting the skin from the sun. You can keep your skin safe and beautiful by applying tomato juice.

Olive Oil:

Olive Oil contains a variety of healthy fats that protect against skin damage and burns. There is also a healthy omega 3 and olive oil containing vitamin E protects the skin. Dip whole grains and wheat bread in olive oil and consume. The amount of vitamin E is very high. The whole wheat and olive oil contain 100 percent Vitamin E, which is related to protecting the skin from the sun. You can also eat fresh olives, this also gives a similar benefit.


Dark chocolate not only protects the skin from the sun’s rays, but it is equipped with antioxidants which help to reduce stress by increasing the power of the brain. Chocolates contain flavonoids like epicatechin, catechins, processions. These flavonoids act as antioxidants and help prove to protect the skin from the sun.

Do you know these amazing benefits of Using Coriander?

Corianders are almost used in every home. It not only increases the taste of the food but it has many health benefits too. But do you know that Coriander leaves play a crucial role in our daily lives? We use corianders to cook tasty foods, garnish dishes and to decorate the dishes.

Do you know that green corianders are rich in proteins, fats, fiber, carbohydrate, minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine, potassium and vitamin C. This not only makes food delicious but also improves digestive power. Mixing coriander in curd provides relief in diarrhea and colitis. Coriander is also useful in typhoid. Not only this, coriander also controls cholesterol.

Today we are going to tell you the health and beauty benefits of consuming coriander daily.

1. Swelling of the face:

Cineol is one of the 11 components of essential oils and linoleic acid both are present in coriander. It helps in decreasing inflammation caused by antirheumatic properties and also improves swelling of the skin.

2. Remove Pimples or Acne:

Coriander is also very useful for facial beauty. Mix coriander juice in turmeric and then apply it on your face. The acne will disappear. If you have dry skin then try applying adding coriander juice to raw milk. It’s also a very nice cleaner.

3. Corrects Skin disorders:

Coriander helps in treating inflammation, dryness and fungal infections. Ditoxify, antiseptic, antifungal, and antioxidant properties are found in coriander, which makes the skin look perfect.

4. Helps in Maintaining the Right Level Of Cholesterol:

Some acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) present in coriander are very effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. They also reduce the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) deposits.

5. Cures Diarrhoea:

Coriander also helps in treated diarrhea. Many people suffer from diarrhea regularly. Coriander act as a permanent treatment for curing diarrhea. Some components of essential oils found in coriander, which helps in digestion. By working with the right pace of heart and treating the intestines together, it fixes diarrhea.

6. Cures Menstrual Pain:

Girls and women who have enough blood flow during menstruation and suffers from menstrual cramps, boil coriander in water and add sugar and drink it. The bleeding will be less and the pain in the stomach will also be reduced. Coriander also works to increase appetite. When there is such a useful thing in your home then why to visit a doctor? You can treat yourself at home. Let’s start from today. Regular consumption of coriander.

You must not sit in the washroom for a long time. Here is why!

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting on a toilet seat in a washroom. Not because you are having trouble getting refreshed, but many of us have a habit of sitting on a toilet seat lost in phone surfing or are busy playing video games.

Some people even carry a newspaper along with them in the washroom. Too many people go to the toilet for a break where people like to relax and love their favorite work, such as games, reading or chatting without any interference. But you may be surprised to know that spending more time on the toilet seat is not only dangerous for your health but also can be serious.

What experts have to say:

Experts say that you should not be spent more than 10 minutes in the washroom. If you are spending much time in the washroom then there is a risk of getting too many infections.

Bacteria and germs:

If you are sitting on the toilet seat and using your phone then it can make you more sensitive to your body by reaching 18 times more bacteria and germs.


You should not sit in the toilet seat for a long time, because of this you may get piles, and blood vessels can emerge from the front of the anus. You may not be sure, but yes, it happens.


The problem with pooping, which is the biggest reason for this, due to which you should not sit in the restroom for a long time as this causes pressure on your rectum. Most of the time it has a bearing on your bowling movement. For as long as you stay in the bathroom, you have to keep your rectum nerves under control, which has an effect on your rectum. Because of which you may have difficulty stopping the bowel.

Food Items That You Should Never Put In The Freezer

Your freezer is definitely a great tool that assists you in planning and preparing for busier days. One thing you must know is that not all food items can be stored in the freezer. And also, storing your food in the freezer doesn’t guarantee that the edible will last longer than ever.

These are some edible stuff that should never be kept in the freezer.
Avoid it at all costs as it might even cause health risks.

1) Milk

Most people store milk in freezer but it’s a wrong practice. When thawed, the milk stored in freezer tends to separate into chunks and watery parts. Although it doesn’t affect the safety levels of the milk, it does ruin the consistency of the milk.

2) Coffee

Do you still keep your coffee jar inside the refrigerator? You need to stop doing it as coffee absorbs smell from surrounding edibles. You definitely don’t want your morning goodness coffee to smell like leftover food.

3) Honey

The quality of honey is not affected if you store your honey at normal room temperature. What’s the need to store it in refrigerator then? At low temperature, honey tends to crystallize.

4) Fried food

So, you are left with the finger chips that ordered for snacks. Well, what’s next? Aren’t you thinking about storing it in refrigerator? It’s a big no! It is going to lose all of its crunch. So next time you opt to make a fresh batch of home-cooked chicken nuggets, skip the frying process. Rather bake it in the oven.

5) Soft cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? But storing soft cheese in the freezer isn’t the right thing. It cretaes the same effect as storing milk. You will store soft cheese in the freezer and when it’s time to use it in some dish you will be left with watery lumps. It ruins the taste and texture of food like sour cream, ricotta and cream cheese.

6) Raw fruits and vegetables

Any food or vegetable that contains high concentration of water is likely to get negatively affected by the temperature of the freezer. It is because the water inside these fruits and veggies quickly forms ice crystals.

Try A Tea-Tox To Get Rid Of Toxins From Your Body

Even though many of us are coffee lovers, tea still remains to be one of the most preferred beverages in our country. The number of tea enthusiasts is constantly increasing, so tea is no longer just a blend of milk, tea leaves and sugar brewed together. In today’s time, you can visit any supermarket to find exotic sections of Indian and International tea brands having different blends.

From herbal tea to slimming tea to the ones with high number of antioxidants, there is a wide range of varieties of tea that you can easily find. With this many range of teas available in the market, it’s super easy to opt for tea-detox now.

What is a tea-tox
Dr Rashi Chahal, chief of dietetics, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon describes, “Teatox, or tea-detox, is done to flush out all the toxins from your body, and it claims to help you lose weight and have brighter skin.”

In our quest to find out what sparked this trend, we found the main reason to be weakened immunity. Kausshal Dugarr, CEO of renowned tea company says, “Artificial food products, flavouring, and colouring induce stress on the body, weaken body’s defence mechanism and slow down metabolism.

These chemicals are also known to increase inflammation, which is commonly associated with various gastronomical illnesses. This is why detox teas have gained popularity. With naturals ingredients such as flowers, roots, herbs, and stems, these teas claim to detoxify the byproducts of various artificial products in the body and flush out the free radicals. The key lies in choosing wisely,”

The current obsession of the world for weight loss can be called to be second trigger for the craze behind tea-tox.

Medicinal properties of tea:
Most tea-tox kits provide a unique combination of natural ingredients like senna leaf, ginseng root, liquorice root, chrysanthemum, nettle leaves, psyllium seeds, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb, ginger, and lemongrass. Teas that are infused with various herbs can work wonders for the body. It can help in achieving weight loss goals, glowing skin and giving immune system a boost.

People with certain allergies need to be careful before using a new detox tea, make sure to read the ingredients prior to consumption.

Stay Fit With These Effective Workout Ideas For A Full-Body Workout

With all the gym and swimming pools closed, it’s hard to keep up with your previous workout regime. For those who just made their way into their fitness journey, these quarantine times can be a bummer. Seeing the rate at which the coronavirus is spreading, the government had to take rigorous measures to close down multiple businesses where there was a risk of people coming in close contact and spreading the novel coronavirus including gyms.

Gyms can be the dwelling centres of the virus as it is stocked with a number of people who workout together and might transmit the virus from one to another. Even the instruments are not risk free, the coronavirus can remain viable on surfaces for long hours. So, you know why it’s important that gyms remain closed during these times of pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t workout and carry on with our fitness goals.

As per the latest government orders, the lockdown will continue till 15th April. It’s better to get started with a simple yet effective workout to be done at home. Let’s dive right into it.

1) Meditation
These quarantine times might have changed your daily routine upside down. In these times, it’s important to give yourself some peaceful moments to de-stress. The best time to meditate is early morning just after waking up. You mind will wander at first but you have to make your way through it. Focus on your breathing and enjoy. Even ten minutes of meditation everyday can work wonders for you and keep you energetic and in your right mind throughout the day.

2) Burpees
Also known as “triple-threat attack”, burpees are excellent exercise to tone your upper body, legs and core. You can incorporate it in your workout. You can do a 10 min indoor walk followed by 5 minutes of burpees.

3) Sumo Squats
Stand with your feet wider than than hip-width apart then turn your feet out. Externally rotating your hips. Keep your hands clasped to your chest. Now, push your hip back and squat. It’s a great exercise for the lower body.

4) Skipping
Rope skipping is handsdown the best cardio you can do at home. It’s a full body workout and burns 10-15 calories a minute. It also improves circulation and enhances lung capacity.

Ways To Boost Your Immunity Naturally

The coronavirus outbreak has led to a scenario of lockdown in many countries including India. In order to contain the virus, India has extended the lockdown till 3rd May. These hard times have proved that health should always be one’s priority. To cope with the inactive lifestyle of staying indoors is not easy. We all know that strong metabolism and immunity are a must in our battle against the deadly coronavirus attack.
Stronger the immune system, less prone you become at catching infections.

Here are a few ways to boost immunity in a natural way to ensure that your body becomes fit to combat the adverse situations.

1) Vitamin D is your savior

Vitamin D is considered to be proven as one of the most effective nutrient in combating with existing viruses in the environment. It not only fends off infections but also acts as a shield in the fight against pathogen attack. One of the best sources of Vitamin D is through sunlight. However, in this times of lockdown getting out in the sun can be troublesome. Salmon is a popular fish and also a great source of vitamin D. Other than that mushroom, cheddar and eggs help in boosting the metabolism as well as the immunity.

2) Say Yes to anti-inflammatory foods

Anti-inflammatory foods are key players in reinforcing resistance levels in the body. Food items like turmeric, tomatoes, olive oil, ginger, fish oil, walnuts, blueberries and food rich in Omega-3 not only improve immunity but also prevents from various illnesses.

3) Choose Fibre-rich foods

Fibrous foods provide the body the essential nutrients for boosting immunity. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that replenish the body’s metabolism.

Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and Founder, International Fertility Center says “Strengthening immunity is very essential and it is the need of the hour. With the emergence of newer viruses and flu’s in the environment, it is imperative that our bodies are actually resistant to them to be able to tackle their deadly effects. Serving and enriching your body foods may help keep your immune system strong and enhanced. Foods like yogurt, spinach, almonds, green tea, sunflower seeds and citrus foods are a must to include in the diet.”